Mathias Müller-Thobaben

It all started 1982 when my brother bought an old electric guitar. I often listened to him playing and that was when I realized I wanted to make music, too. So I got myself an acoustic guitar and practiced like mad. Two years later I switched to electric guitar and shortly after that joined a band in Hamburg.Over the years I played in several bands. I had a try at different styles like Funk, Jazz and Rock and learned a lot. But I wanted something different: I wanted to compose my own music. I got the necessary equipment, read a lot and learned step by step how to do it. Compared to playing in a band it was hard work: Instead of only playing my own part I suddenly had to put together many different instruments. Since 2009 I‘m working very successfully as a private Guitar Teacher.


Finaly my first album "Give Me A Sign" was published on 08/14/2014. Available on itunes, amazon, spotify, to name a few. Enjoy listening :-)